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Route:You pay the highest price of the route. Example: If calling from mobile to local and mobile price is more you will pay the mobile price. Prices in U.S. Dollars.
If a number type doesn't show a capability then it doesn't exist.
Internet access required.
× Note: Phone numbers can be used only on our iOS app and Firefox webbrowser. USA- Local numbers are $2.99 per month. 30 minutes of incoming calls included, or other services up to the same value. Included minutes not used expire monthly. Calls are 2.3 cents per minute incoming (without exception) and 3 cents outgoing with some exceptions. Calls to Alaska are 14.55 cents a minute. International phone call prices are more. Prices for calls to international numbers can be found by viewing the prices for that country. Texts are 1.58 cents each. Crediting your account takes a minimum of $2.99 with no expiration.